Guided Meditation is Back

Karina Borisova, Reporter

Guided meditation with Ms. Vargas, an opportunity for students and teachers to relax and unwind, is finally back. The sessions will be offered Tuesdays and Fridays in Room 9 during March (see schedule below).

When you enter Room 9, you can expect to see a welcoming room, dim lighting, soothing, instrumental music, and a delightful aromatic scent. “I would almost describe it as a spa-like setting!”, said Ms. Vargas.  

She explained that there are so many benefits to meditation, “The two we focus on the most are the physical and psychological aspects.” 

 Through research, we know meditation helps with increasing one’s energy and easing chronic pain. Research also indicates that practicing meditation 20 minutes each day improves one’s mental health, enhances relationships with others, and sharpens your memory. These are all things we aim to create for a joyous life emotionally and academically, according to Ms. Vargas.

In the continuous efforts to spread mental health awareness and the importance of self-care to both students and teachers, Ms. Vargas said,  “I genuinely hope everyone takes time to try it out! We try our best to provide the students with light expectations, even if it means allowing them to nap during this time!”


Will be held on the following days: 

Friday (A Day) 

3/12 – White Team Periods: 2, 3, 7 

Tuesday (A Day) 

3/16 – Purple Team Periods: 1, 4, 5, 8

Friday (B Day) 

3/19 – White Team Periods: 1, 5, 8  

Tuesday (B Day) 

3/23 – Purple Team Periods: 2, 3, 6, 7, 9

Friday (A Day) 

3/26 – White Team Periods: 4, 5, 6