What’s in store for the future of Medicaid?


Leeloo Thefirst

Several Medicaid recipients may lose access to health care over the next few months due to revisiting eligibility qualifications.

Ailyn Ortega

An estimated 15 million Americans are on the brink of losing Medicaid coverage, if they haven’t already. On April 1, the disenrollment process was initiated in five states: Arizona, South Dakota, Idaho, Arkansas, and New Hampshire. 

Now that disenrollment has already begun, 15 more states in May will be involved in the eligibility process to see if people will still be eligible for Medicaid insurance. Another 20 states will begin the process in June impacting more people according to  TIME. 

Originally, the pandemic kept or “shielded” Americans who earned a low income from losing healthcare coverage. Now as the policy changes, states must reverify or double check that Medicaid recipients still qualify for this program within the next 14 months, says New York Times. Those being affected will get kicked off of Medicaid since they could now be making significantly more income than before.

Not only does this news affect adults, it also affects millions of children or certain minorities who depend on healthcare coverage. 

Natalie Davis, a founder and chief executive of nonpartisan advocacy organization United States of Care commented to the New York Times that whenever these sorts of moments happen, “It’s people of color, its kids, its people that don’t speak English that are always hit the hardest.”

This current news can lead to some devastating effects amongst people who rely on this healthcare coverage for doctor appointments, an emergency, or other services. According to Medicaid.gov these (optional) benefits include “prescription drugs, case management, physical therapy, and occupational therapy.” 

As far as losing coverage and enrollment within the next months, it should be noted that there is a chance for people to show their continued eligibility for Medicaid. Some states are even prioritizing renewals and sending notices for which there is a 60 day period for an answer.