2021-2022 Staff


Alexandra Fennelly

Alexandra Fennelly has been a member of The Tide for three years and is also the Student Council Senior Class Representative. Journalism has given her an opportunity to show her passion for writing and to read a variety of point...


Maria Cifuentes

Maria Cifuentes is a hardworking senior who is passionate about writing. She also loves to paint and spend her time reading novels. As the Director of the Children’s Ministry at her church, she enjoys organizing events that...


Jason Fallo

Jason Fallo is a junior and a member of the LGBTQ+ community who enjoys writing and decided to join The Tide to hone his skills as a writer. He has been passionate about online entertainment since age 10 and hopes to become a...


Christian Pensa

Christian Pensa is a bespectacled junior who has a passion for music and film. He plays guitar, bass, drums, and alto saxophone, and wants to go to Hofstra University to study cinematography. Some of his favorite musical artists...


Jennifer Flores

Jennifer Flores is a junior and this is her first year as staff member of The Tide. She likes playing the ukulele and has been playing for 3 years. The first song she learned how to play was Party Favor by Billie Eilish. Jenn wou...


Viviana Martinez

Viviana Martinez is a junior at Hampton Bays High School and is a new member of The Tide. Viviana likes to paint while listening to music; she finds it calming and relaxing, but no, she doesn’t have a specific playlist for when...

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