Halloween Costume Contest

Christian Pensa, Reporter

On the afternoon of Friday, October 29th, Halloween-spirited students packed into the front gym for a contest to determine the wearers of the best Halloween costumes. The contest, which had been advertised in the weeks prior around the school, offered a $25 gift certificate for a restaurant of their choice to an individual winner, and a $50 gift certificate to a winning group. Each competitor took turns showing off their costumes for the audience of students, while being announced by Mr. Perez. 

Numerous students, dressed individually and as groups, were in attendance sporting their costumes in hopes of winning the highly coveted gift certificates. Some notable participants included Robert McNamara and Santiago Salazar, who dressed as school security guards, Jesus Mora as Deadpool, Jason Fallo as Red Hood from the DC Comics Multiverse, and Melissa Moranchel as Chucky from the Child’s Play franchise. Once everyone had their chance to brandish their costumes, a Google form was created to collect votes for the best.

After students took the time to vote, the winners were determined. Individual best costume went to Diego Escalon Mendoza, who dressed as a minion from Despicable Me, and the prize for group best costume went to Juan Cardona, John Pacheco, Rodrigo Quintanilla, James Salas, and Emir Srdanovic, who wore matching Scooby Doo onesies. The group triumphed in their victory as they discussed whether they would get more value out of a gift certificate from McDonald’s or Panera.