Introducing Mrs. Aiello

Christian Pensa, Reporter

Along with the rest of our new staff for this school year, we introduce Mrs. Aiello, who has worked for the Hampton Bays school district for quite some time. She is enthusiastic about teaching social studies, and told us about it in a recent interview.

“It’s not a bad adjustment,” she said. “I have other responsibilities, but it’s good, I love it. It makes me very happy and I feel very professionally fulfilled.” Prior to this teaching position, Mrs. Aiello has worked with life skills classes and did a leave replacement for Mrs. Kelsh. 

As a social studies teacher, she teaches the global 10, economics, government, and AP European history classes, and is definitely passionate about it. “I love all of the students here so much. I love the content areas that I’m teaching, also. It just makes me very excited to come here every day, to see all the students, and watch them developing a new love for social studies and history.”

Outside the classroom, her family life is important to her. “I have two kids, and two dogs, and a husband. My son plays hockey, my daughter does cheerleading,” she told us, “so we’re busy.” She values the personal time she gets, however. “I enjoy taking the dogs for walks, and I love to cook.”