Welcome, Ms. Castoro

Viviana Martinez, Reporter

This year in Hampton Bays High School there are several new staff members. One of our newest staff members is a science teacher and her name is Ms. Castoro. Some students got to meet her last year when she was a student teacher working with Mrs. Lavazoli. She taught living environment during the summer and is now teaching marine science, forensics and chemistry. Ms. Castoro is also good at teaching other subjects like exercise physiology. She went to the University of Miami to get her bachelor’s degree.  Ms. Castoro likes to spend time with her family. She enjoys going to the beach and trying new foods. She is optimistic and tries to get along with her students. 

Ms. Castoro likes teaching at the High School. Ms. Castoro wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after high school so she studied science and it became clear to her that she wanted to be a science teacher. She explained, “I studied science because I did care a lot about health and wellness and the exercise and the nutrition aspect.” She said, “Along the way it became very clear to me that there was really no other job I wanted besides to be a teacher and I did love the science I was learning about, so it kind of just fit together that I ended up getting my degree, master’s to be a science teacher.” Ms. Castoro loves her job as a teacher.