Introducing Mrs. McErlean

Viviana Martinez, Reporter

New school years are a chance to meet new people. In our 2021- 2022 school year we have a new ENL teacher, Mrs. McErlean. ENL stands for English New Learners. Mrs. McErlean originally taught in the Middle School, but now she teaches 9th and 10th graders at the High School. She likes being at the High School because it is a happy place and she learns something new from her students everyday. 

This is Mrs. McErlean’s 7th year teaching ENL. Her inspiration to teach ENL came from the school district. She was originally certified in English but the district was looking for teachers to become certified in other areas. Specifically, the district was looking for people who could teach students that don’t speak English as their first language or kids that come from different countries. Mrs.McErlean found this rather interesting and decided to volunteer. She took a few of classes and she was able to get the certification she needed. Mrs. McEarlean said, “I really enjoy helping students understand a new language.” When she is not teaching, she coaches cheerleading for the Middle School. You can often find her on the sidelines of our sports competitions cheering on our athletes.