Introducing Ms. Boyle

Alexandra Fennelly, Editor-in-Chief

The start of a new school year means welcoming some new faces to the Hampton Bays High School community. This year we are welcoming Ms. Boyle as our new English teacher. Ms. Boyle grew up on the East End of Long Island with her large family. Her mother is one of 10 kids and her childhood consisted of lots of aunts and cousins. Ms. Boyle has 3 siblings: 2 sisters and 1 brother who helped take care of her at a younger age. 

Ms. Boyle went to Long Beach High School and graduated with nearly 700 students in her class which is a huge difference in comparison to Hampton Bays High School. She says she liked the change in going from a large school to now teaching in a small school. The sense of community here in Hampton Bays High School is unmatched. Growing up in a large school, it is nearly impossible to have the sense of togetherness that we have in Hampton Bays.

She went to St. Joseph’s College for teaching and is currently working on getting her master’s degree in Special Education. Ms. Boyle loves the inclusivity learning can have and wants everyone to be able to achieve an equal education. Currently she is teaching English 9 and English 10. This is her second year teaching as she took over the position of Mrs. Maresca late last year when Mrs. Maresca left for maternity leave. 

Although she is teaching right now, this wasn’t always Ms. Boyle’s goal in life. Originally she majored in marine biology in college, then moved onto psychology. After continuing schooling, she soon realized that teaching was the best fit for her and was “something I could see myself doing for a long time.” Her love for teaching English courses started with her love for literature. “Analyzing texts and finding the true meanings behind them is so neat to me,” said Ms.Boyle. 

Now that we are entering the start of a new month into our school year, Ms. Boyle has said her experience here at Hampton Bays High School has been “fantastic”. The sense of togetherness this school showed, despite the challenges of COVID, has created a wonderful environment for Ms. Boyle to work in. The goals she has set for both herself and her students is to discover our identities and grow not just educationally, but also mentally and emotionally.