Tips for Your College Tour


Tara, Sofia, and Teresa Lauther experienced in-person college tours.

Tara Lauther, Reporter

Whether you’re a junior in the college search process or senior touring your next school, it’s valuable to be prepared for the campus tour. This semester I visited Siena College in Albany, Hofstra University in Hempstead, Adelphi in Garden City, and Long Island University in Brookville. With each tour, I realized steps I should have taken for the prior tour. 

  • Wear sneakers but not pajama pants

On a college tour, you could be doing a lot of walking depending on the campus. My fitness tracker counted 16,000 steps from Hofstra’s campus alone. While you want to be comfortable and ready to walk, you also want to look presentable. Group tours will provide you with the opportunity to make new friends before coming to campus. You may also meet professors specific to your major. First impressions matter!

  • Don’t be afraid to bring your parents 

College tours are not just for students. Getting your parents involved can help them feel more comfortable about sending you off to school. Your parents will get to ask questions and become acquainted with your home away from home.

  • Take pictures!

Taking pictures of the campus can help you remember specific aspects of your tour that you enjoyed. This can be helpful in your college decision process. For seniors who have already committed to campus, this can help you remember places you may want to revisit in the next semester. Don’t be afraid to snap a picture next to the school’s sign. This is the next chapter of your educational career.Tips 

  • Come prepared with questions

Your tour guide will likely have information about the extracurriculars and sports at the school. More often than not, tour guides are students: they can answer your questions about living on campus, commuting, and social life. If they don’t have an answer to one of your questions, they will set you up with the right person. 

  • Keep an open mind 

We often hear the story of students feeling an instant sense of belonging with their campus. Frankly, you’re visiting a completely new place with a whole new set of people. You may feel out of place or uncomfortable upon arrival. Don’t let your initial sense of discomfort stop you from exploring the potential of the campus. Keep an open mind about the college until you’re certain that it is or isn’t for you.