Select Choir Sings Again


After almost a year, Select Choir is finally making a comeback. Select choir is a choir that you must audition for if you wish to join. According to Mrs. Padilla who runs the choir, students have to be at a very proficient and high level musically. It involves additional rehearsal time outside of school and occasionally additional performances. It’s meant for students who are more dedicated to their musical side. Even though regular choir is offered to fully remote students, you can only participate in select choir in person. If you are fully remote and you are interested in select, you are allowed to come to school for rehearsals. 

The final performance for the year will be recorded and streamed for family, friends, and the community to watch.

The select choir will be adhering to specific seating charts and following the music ensemble rules that have been put into place by the New York State Education Department and the Suffolk County Department of Health. In New York State, it is required that students are 12 feet apart and wearing masks. “The Suffolk County Department of Health and the New York State Education Department have decided that in New York State you have to be 12 feet apart and use proper PPE,” said Mrs. Padilla.

If you are interested in joining the select choir, it is not too late. Mrs. Padilla said, “I am always looking for new people who love to sing and I always want to build that ensemble and that community and let people be a part of it.” For now, rehearsals are scheduled to be Tuesday afternoons in the auditorium from 2:15 to 3:00 pm.