Science Club Meetings Resume


Members of the science club worked on the green house at their meeting on March 11.

Christina Moranchel, Reporter

   The Science Club, advised by Mr. Iannelli and Mrs. Lavazoli,  started meeting on March 4. Meetings are every Thursday from 2:15pm to 3:00pm in Mr.Iannelli’s room (11).  Students wishing to participate remotely can join the Google Meet. The code is uyadaey. Mr. I and Mrs.Lavazoli can answer any questions you have. 

  You can take a friend and do interesting science experiences.Spend time with the animals, feed them, and even hold them if you like. 

Mrs.Lavazoli said, ”For our first meeting we performed flame tests on 8 different chemicals, There were 4 different colors,students determined  which portion of the compound was responsible for the color. Our second meeting was spent sprucing up our greenhouse!  We replanted geraniums, snake plants, and aloe using fresh mixed soil and Rootone.”

This is exciting because you can learn how to plant and grow plants the right way and make your gardening bright and beautiful with lots of colors coming from plants and flowers, especially now because spring is here it’s time to wake up to the fresh smell of bright flowers all  around your house and listen to the birds chirping.

The Science Club is also hatching baby quails. Mrs. Lavazoli said, “We also placed our quail eggs into the incubator which should hatch in about two weeks!.”Wouldn’t it be cute to see baby quail birds!

In future meetings,  they will be exploring the world of acids and bases, analyzing colligative properties by seeing the effects on water and ice when salt  is added.

Sometimes there’s the opportunity to  get more relaxed with a sci-fi movie that will be playing while you work on planting or doing something else.This club is a great way to learn new things from our environment and have fun.We can make a good change if we all do something good for our environment.

With graduation around the corner, this is a good opportunity for seniors to spend time with friends, Mr I., and Mrs. Lavazoli, and to make good memories.