McDonald’s New Spicy Chicken Sandwich: CrispyJuicyTender or Not?


Alex Velasquez, Reporter

The new McDonald’s spicy chicken sandwich has to be, in my opinion, the best and spiciest chicken sandwich out there. I’ve been to Chick-Fil-A, Popeye’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King, and it was better than all of these places, and spicier. The Mcdonald’s website claims it is “a whole new way to add some bite to your bite, go CrispyJuicyTender with our new spicy pepper sauce if you think you can handle the heat.”  They describe it as “our new crispy chicken fillet made with all-white meat, crinkle-cut pickles and new buttered potato roll.”       

When you first see the sandwich it doesn’t really look appealing, but once you bite into it, it just melts into your mouth and then the spiciness hits you. My mouth the first time I ate it felt like I just ate lava, and I usually eat spicy things. The sandwich was very hot to me, but then after like your second time eating it, you get used to it. I think that the sauce they use gives it more flavor. 

I  had seven classmates to try the sandwich and their opinions were varied, some of them disagreeing with my high opinion of the new sandwich. I told them to rate the spiciness out of five and the average of those seven was a 3.1. 

For junior Karina Borisova, the sandwich was really spicy. She had suggestions for improvement. She said, “The bread is not crunchy, it is soggy, the chicken is also not crispy, it’s soft.”

Jeaustin Luna added, “Yeah it is a bit soggy and the chicken is really soft.” 

McDonald’s stated that the chicken would be crispy, but everyone who had the sandwich said that it wasn’t. Alisia Soto said she thought it tasted good, but her suggestion for improvement was to “make it crispier.” 

The flavor of the sandwich also depends on how the sandwich is made.  Jeremy Carcamo had two and he said that the sandwich depends on how much of the sauce it has for it to be spicy. The first was spicier than the second. 

Karina also added that it would be better “if it had like lettuce or something else.”  There is one that does have extra fixings; it is called the deluxe spicy chicken sandwich. 

Despite the lukewarm reviews from my classmates, I still stand by what I said, that it is the best and spiciest sandwich ever.