Super Bowl Commercials Use Star Power to Sell

Gus Schmidt, Reporter

The American football Super Bowl game is known for its great game of football, but also for the commercials. When you think of a commercial, you think of 3 minutes of useless ads that you don’t want to watch, but during the Super Bowl, companies are known to try and make those boring commercials more entertaining. For example, featuring well-known actors and actresses. The companies that usually have a spot for a commercial during the game have also been known for using the time they have to promote a new and exciting new product. 

A brand that usually has a spot to show off their brand on super bowl Sunday is the M&M company. This year the brand chose to use a fun and more entertaining type of commercial. They hired many familiar faces to make this commercial even more eye-catching. Some of these familiar actors are Dan Levy, Darrelle Lake, and Jeremy S. Walker. The brand is also known for having the M&M candy talk and act like a human being, and during this commercial, there were many of those scenarios, but the main reason for the commercial was people making mistakes or regretting things they have just done, and by saying sorry they would give the affected person a bag of M&M’s. This commercial was one of the commercials that made me laugh, a lot of the other ones that aired during the Superbowl this year were showing off new products, but this one in my opinion stands out the most.

Another company that decided to make a commercial for the Super Bowl was the movie production company, Paramount. Paramount used this commercial opportunity to reveal their new Paramount plus feature. This new paid subscription will allow you to watch paramount movies and TV shows at any time, very similar to what Disney did last year when they revealed their Disney plus feature. Not only did they reveal their new product, but also hired a handful of celebrities across the entertainment world, from actors and actresses, coaches, fiction characters, and some TV show hosts. This commercial was a lot like the others, but this company put those certain actors and actresses in the scene that made it stand out. It was cool to see celebrities I was familiar with.

On social media and other websites, these two commercials got great reviews, both of the commercials were very eye-catching because of their differences from other companies’ commercials that were broadcast on Super Bowl Sunday.