Track and Field Runs On

Gus Schmidt, Reporter

     This school year has been very hectic, but one thing that we have going for us is our outside activities that started when we got back from Christmas break. Track and field is held after school everyday. The athletes who are participating in this activity wear masks as well as  try to keep their distance l. This is a very big step towards going back to a semi-normal routine. If we can keep the virus contained,  we could be able to play outside sports for the rest of the school year.

The winter season is supposed to last about 3 months up until the beginning of March, and after this season ends, the fall season will resume as if it were September.

Girls varsity track coach,  Coach O’Toole, had a few things to say about how this season will most likely play out, “The meets are being held at individual high schools and will all be held outdoors. They will start with triple jump, shot put and high jump, all done simultaneously. At the conclusion of triple jump, the individual running events will begin, followed by long jump and then the relays.” 

This is what Coach O’Toole had to say about the safety precautions needed for this season to take place and if they were affecting practices in any way he responded with  Coach O’Toole said that the Covid-19 guidelines haven’t had a major impact on how practices run. “Honestly, other than the added Covid precautions of wearing masks “and following social distancing guidelines, our practices have not changed much at all!  We are still able to do the same types of workouts and get the same quality of training that we did in previous years… we are able to practice and compete in all of the same events and there are plenty of moments at practice where it almost feels completely normal again.” 

Even though the coaches are a big part of this season happening, the students who are taking part in the sport also have their own opinions. Senior Adasha Lopez said, “I feel very safe with outdoor practices, if we were indoor it would be different.” She added, “I  think it’s very hard to breathe with masks on while we are running outside.” The masks have been a problem ever since the fall training began back in October, but the athletes are going to have to keep wearing these masks to keep everyone around them safe.