Introducing Mr. Berretta, Social Studies Teacher


Alisia Soto, Reporter

One of the newest additions to the Hampton Bays teaching staff is Mr. Berretta. He teaches Government, Economics, Global 9, and News Literacy. This is Mr. Beretta’s fifteenth year teaching. 

     Not only is he teaching in a new school this year, he’s learning to navigate this change in the midst of a pandemic. He said his experience with teaching during COVID-19 has been “challenging.” He said it’s difficult trying to balance the students both in class and on the screen.

Even with the challenges facing him because of Covid, he has found the transition to Hampton Bays to be a very positive experience. “The staff and students have been extremely welcoming and made my transition very smooth.  The seniors this year have been very helpful with introducing me to this great community, places to eat, natural spaces in town, the best beaches for next summer and have even helped me around the building when I was turned around those first few days,” he said. 

     Mr. Beretta didn’t always dream of being a teacher. His original dream was to be a park ranger. As a kid, he thought that meant he’d be able to ride horses all day. Once he reached college, he became unsure of what he wanted to do until he was introduced to his history courses that inspired him to teach. His favorite thing about teaching is that “everyday is different.” He enjoys that teaching isn’t an office type of career where you are always repeating your day, but instead he gets to interact with lots of people everyday. 

     When Mr. Berretta isn’t teaching, he and his wife like to go hiking almost every weekend with their dog. They also enjoy highpointing around the United States. They are trying to reach the highest point in every state and they have completed 13 so far. His favorite was Mount Katahdin in Maine. He said, “I enjoy the opportunity high pointing presents to me. My wife and I have an excuse to visit every state and see parts of those states that most people will never venture to.  Sometimes it is a spectacular view, quant little towns with great local foods, small off the beaten path museums, or just an escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.”  If he could go anywhere in the world, it’s no surprise that he would go to the high points of Machu Picchu or Mount Everest.