5 Tips on How to be Successful While Learning Online


Alexandra Fennelly, Editor-in-Chief

With everything that is going on this school year, being half online, or even fully online, it can be hard to stay motivated and stay focused while learning from home. Among all the grade levels, the biggest struggle expressed so far this year is doing their school work at home. Here are some tips on how to be successful while learning online:

  • Try to get out of bed to do schoolwork- Staying in the same environment that you sleep in can make you feel tired and unproductive throughout the school day. Changing environments and going somewhere you can do your schoolwork outside of bed will help amplify your motivation.
  • Ask for help when you need it- Learning online is very challenging for students. Emailing your teachers and taking initiative, both inside and outside of class is what is going to help you in class. I know on remote Mondays there is a schedule for Google meets for each subject and teachers have been very quick to respond to emails and schedule Google meets as needed for students.
  • Talk to the Student Council or Class Leaders- Our student council has been in communication with our principal and administration to discuss opportunities for improvement with our school system and what the school can do to make this year more enjoyable. If you have any ideas or have any complaints you feel need to be heard, you can talk to anyone in the student council. They’re more than happy to help you and ensure that you’ll be successful. 
  • Peer Educators- This is a program where students provide extra help to their peers. This will be helpful if you are struggling with schoolwork, but are too afraid to ask a teacher.
  • Stay off Your Phone- During online school, it is important to try to act as if you are still in a classroom. Try to stay off the phone unless told to do so and keep all distractions away so all your focus is on the teachers and your classmates.