No more snow days?

Nancy Rojas, Reporter

As of late January Long Island was yet to see any snow this Winter but those upstate have seen more than enough. On December 26, there was a snowstorm in Buffalo, New York that lasted four days which had a big impact on people. Buffalo isn’t known for being the snowiest city even though it does snow frequently. Buffalo gets an average snowfall of 92 inches but in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan has an average snowfall of 119.3 inches. It is located near the bank of a river which is connected to Lake Huron and Lake Superior and has low temperatures. According to The New York Times “The storm raged for days, dumping four feet of news and packing winds as high as 70 miles per hour, an usually catastrophic combination”. The New York Times explained that there were high winds therefore it was not safe to be outside.   

The snowstorm had a big impact on the people since there were outages and people couldn’t go outside due to the 50 inches of snow. There were many bad incidents that occurred during the snowstorm . In one case there was an incident where a woman was trapped in her car and was scared so she ended up calling emergency services but kept being on hold. Unfortunately she could not be reached in time and the police found her dead on Christmas Eve. In total the snow storm caused 37 deaths.. 

So far on Long Island it hasn’t snowed as much as it used to. The meteorologists have said the reason why it hasn’t snowed on Long Island this year is because of La Niña which means “The girl”. La Niña is a climate pattern which increases warmer temperatures. There have been storms on the West Coast which promotes the cold air to go to the north and west and the warm air to go to south and east. This is the third year of La Niña and since the temperature hasn’t been the coldest then the water temperatures are also getting a little warmer. There might be a possibility of this changing which will lead to having snow. It is more likely that the weather will be similar to last year.