2023 – We can do this!

Ailyn Ortega, Sports Editor

Happy New Year! Hooray! New year, new resolutions. Now that the New Year is finally here, new goals and achievements are what people are looking forward to accomplishing.

Making a New Year’s resolution is a common tradition that is brought up before and after the New Year. Within the New Year’s resolutions there are long term commitment goals and there are short term goals. 

It’s safe to say that not everyone’s New Year’s resolutions are quite the same, however there are trends where one may resonate with a specific resolution. According to Go Skills some of these resolutions may be exercising more, saving more money, and staying organized. There is no shame in just sticking with one resolution, as it may differ among people. 

When questioned about their New Year’s resolutions, it was interesting to find that the majority of the students in Hampton Bays High School didn’t have a resolution. Sophomore Laila DeRosa and Junior Natalie Castano said that they had no interest in partaking in New Year’s resolutions and that “we have no full interest in having one.” 

Those who did have a resolution, mainly focused on long-term goals. Melanie Baculima says, “I want to focus on bettering myself and with my academic work. As well as get a good paying job.” Another person’s resolution who’s long-term is Sheidy Idrovo who wishes to learn how to drive and find good colleges to get into in her senior year. 

There can be some challenges when sticking to a resolution that can cause a setback but experts say there are tips and suggestions to completing a resolution. The New York Times says to pick the right resolution and you’ll “give yourself your best shot at success if you set a goal that’s doable.” Motivation can easily be lost so experts of the Mayo Clinic Health System say to obtain an optimistic viewpoint and lean into your determination.