Thank You, Ms. Moulton!


Jason Fallo

Ms. Moulton enjoying her time teaching at Hampton Bays High School.

Jason Fallo, Editor-in-Chief

This school year at Hampton Bays High School began with an unfamiliar face teaching the chorus class. Ms. Moulton came to teach the chorus while Ms. Padilla, the original chorus teacher, was out on maternity leave. Now that the Winter Concert has come and gone, Ms. Moulton’s time with the chorus is over. During an interview with Ms. Moulton, she reflected on her time and told us about how much she enjoyed working with the chorus class everyday. “I love it here! You guys are very welcoming to me, as a new teacher, overall it was a good experience. I’m lucky to be here.”

Ms. Moulton also spoke about one of the adjustments she faced during her first time teaching a whole chorus class. “The amount of kids. You know, there are 90 kids and only one of me. But overall it’s been pretty smooth sailing.” Despite the struggles that come with teaching so many students at once, Ms. Moulton managed to successfully bring the chorus together into a true ensemble. Ms. Moulton’s favorite part of teaching the chorus was, “Seeing what each individual student brings to the ensemble. We have students who have never sung in choir before and we have students whose music is their whole life.”

Ms. Moulton stated that she will be moving on to find another chorus teaching position somewhere on Long Island. On behalf of the Hampton Bays High School student body, thank you, Ms. Moulton for giving us your time and experience, and good luck with all your future endeavors.