New Safety Measures for New York Residents



More NYPD presence can be expected going forward.

Melanie Baculima, Reporter

On October 22 the Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul announced actions for safety to keep subways safe and address transit crime. Governor Hochul stated that the New York City police department and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority police will surge officer presence on platforms and trains by approximately 1,200 overtime shifts each day over 300 stations during peak hours.

The New York City Mayor, Eric Adams is on board with the plan. According to the New York Times, “Mr. Adams noted that 40 percent of the murders were believed to have been committed by people with a history of mental health problems…Adams even said, ‘This effort will help with two things New Yorkers desperately want: The addition of hundreds of additional strategically deployed officers on our trains and help to those suffering from serious mental health illness so they can find a way out of the subway system’.”

Along with that, Democratic City Councilman from Queens, Robert F. Holden, stated on Saturday that having more officers on the subway wouldn’t help reduce crime if lawmakers didn’t fix bail reform. He goes on to say, “This is welcome news, but without changing laws, these additional cops will only be rearresting the same people. Governor Kathy Hochul must call an emergency session of the State Legislature and repeal bail reform.” 

 Governor Hochul announced that she’s willing to provide psychiatric centers and those experiencing severe mental health illness with the assistance needed. Hochul says that her number one priority is to keep residents safe. She goes on to explain, “Our expanded subway safety strategy of cops, cameras, and care will crack down on subway crime, help those experiencing homelessness get the support they need to get out of the system, and alleviate concerns of riders to ensure New Yorkers feel safer throughout the subway system. Building on our ongoing collaboration with the City, we will continue to work hand-in-hand with the Mayor and the NYPD to deliver the safety and security New Yorkers deserve.”