The Thespian Society Puts on Clue


Characters try to figure out who is the killer.

Joselin Gonzalez, Reporter

November 4 and 5 Hampton Bays High School auditorium was filled with laughter and gasps as the Thespian Society put on the mystery-comedy play Clue. This comedic play is based on the board game of the same name. In Clue, six blackmailed victims are invited to a mansion by a host who knows their darkest secret and is threatening to get the police involved if they do not attend the party they’re hosting. On arrival they meet their blackmailer and each are given a weapon; when the lights are turned off then turned on their blackmailer is revealed to have been killed. As more characters like the Chef or even some unexpected guest get killed, they try to figure out who the real murderer is amoungst the six of them. 

Several students contributed some part to the play, like the cast who played the characters, the stage crew who moved the sets around and the tech crew in charge of sound effects and lighting. They all helped to make the performance keep the audience on the edges of their seats. The preparation for Clue included long nights going over lines, getting the backgrounds done, and rehearsing stunts like when the chandelier dropped or when there was a secret cabinet area behind a painting but in the end of the day it was all worth it. 

Alexa Bahamondes who played Mrs. Peacock had an amazing time. She said, “It was a lot of fun and I made a lot of new friends.”

Sophia Teresi-Wallace who played the Motorist added, “Rehearsal was always fun and eventful and I was glad to be part of the play”. 

Mrs. Perez, the director of the play, stated, “Comedy is hard! But, everyone rose to the challenge – we all worked really hard and learned a lot from the experience. I was super proud of this show and all the students who participated, whether on stage, or behind the scenes.” Mrs Perez knew that most members don’t have a lot of experience on the stage due to COVID but in the end their performances were spot on.  Clue was an amazing opening and the audience loved their performance. For their next play the Thespian Society will be putting on Mama Mia. Auditions are December 5th. The Thespian Society welcomes more people to sign up as everyone’s part matters in the theater.