New Year, New Staff Members 


Mrs. Crucet is hard at work helping guide students through high school and beyond.

Nancy Rojas, Reporter

This year we have a variety of new staff members throughout the school. One of them is Mrs. Crucet, who is in the counselor department. She’s originally from Selden, but chose to go far away from home for college to study in New Albany, OH for four years. However she went with her identical twin sister so it made her feel less homesick. She studied business for her major and minored in psychology. Then a friend mentioned a guidance counselor program at Long Island University and she decided to go for it.

Before becoming a school counselor Mrs. Crucet was in the business field as a financial advisor for a year. However she noticed that she didn’t like it and wanted to do something that would have her interacting with people and thought being a school counselor would be a good fit for her. Her high school guidance own counselor inspired her to be one because he helped her in many different ways and she wanted to do the same for other students. She has been a guidance counselor for 20 years. Mrs. Crucet said she knew that she wanted to work in Hampton Bays High School because a couple of years ago she did a leave replacement at the school and she enjoyed it.

Mrs. Crucet says, “everything has been going great” and the students and administration have been kind to her. Despite her enjoying her life in school she also enjoys spending time with her family. Family is very important to her and she has three kids aged 7,9, and 11. In her free time she goes to her kids’ baseball, softball and gymnastics games and spends quality time with her family. She says family is particularly important to her since her mother has Alzheimer’s disease and some days are harder than others.

Mrs. Crucet has been enjoying her new job at Hampton Bays High School. She has enjoyed meeting with seniors to help them decide with what they want to do after high school, just as her counselor did for her in high school. Overall she is looking forward the new school year.