Presenting Ms. McFadzen


Ms. McFadzen prepares for another day helping students.

Ailyn Ortega, Reporter

For the 2022-2023 school year Hampton Bays High School is welcoming Ms. McFadzen who is a leave replacement in the Special Education department and assists as a Social Studies teacher. Ms. McFadzen grew up in Commack on Long Island, New York. Ms. McFadzen taught in the Middle School last year and had the opportunity to apply for a teacher position in the High School for this year. 

Ms. McFadzen went to St. Joseph’s University for a total of seven years for her graduate and undergraduate programs. Conveniently enough, Ms. McFadzen was sure about becoming a special education teacher. She explains, “I myself was a student that went through the special education program so I had amazing special education teachers. They all made a difference in my life.” 

 In addition to Special Education, Ms. McFadzen teaches in Social Studies Integrated Co- Teaching classrooms with Mr. Burger and Mrs. Kops.  She says it’s “pretty awesome” and “the best of both worlds” working with two additional certified teachers. Her advice to students who struggle in school would be to “ask for help when needed. You gain respect when you ask for help.” 

Students aren’t the only ones who need  fun and excitement on off days. When she has free time Ms. McFadzen spends time with family and taking her niece and nephews to the park. The outdoors scenery may not be for everyone but Ms. McFadzen enjoys it. She has gone camping with her family in Canada, Maryland, and Pennsylvania with their trailer. Ms. McFadzen participates in sports such as field hockey and has coached a traveling softball team. 

Everyone in life has some sort of personal goals. For Ms. McFadzen is to find a probationary teaching position in the near future and to spend time “just living everyday to the fullest.”