Introducing Ms. Boyle


Jason Fallo

Ms. Boyle loves having the opportunity to explore literature with students.

Jason Fallo and Lindsey Mora

With a new school year comes new staff at Hampton Bays High School. Ms. Boyle is one of the new teachers this year teaching English Language Arts to freshmen and sophomores. Previously, Ms. Boyle has worked in this school as a substitute and leave replacement. Now she has the opportunity to teach a class of her own in a full teaching position. When asked about her year so far Ms. Boyle said, “It’s amazing, all the students are very great. I’m happy to see them and see the growth in everyone. It’s good to see my freshmen and sophomores this year, and everybody moving up and doing their own thing. So it feels good it was a lot of hard work at this point and I’m just happy to be with such wonderful staff members and a kind, welcoming community.”

When talking about her favorite parts of teaching ELA Ms. Boyle says, “I like when we get to read new books, I like seeing my students’ reactions to things that I’ve read before because it’s always different.” Ms. Boyle also enjoys literary analysis, comparing it to “being a little detective.” Ms. Boyle is also quite fond of this year’s curriculum. “I really enjoy our ninth grade curriculum, we do Romeo & Juliet, and we’re doing The Cage right now, so it’s a little somber because it is a memoir and it is a little serious, but we do find time to think about the topic and why we’re talking about it, and why it’s important to our history.”

In her free time Ms. Boyle enjoys reading Stephen King and has been a fan of historical fiction since she was a child. Overall Ms. Boyle is a literature fan through and through and is very excited to share said love of literature with her students this year.