The Long-Awaited Senior Trip 

This year the Class of 2022 traveled to Woodloch Pines in Pennsylvania for our senior trip, which lasted from March 18th to the 20th. The trip consisted of three days full of activities such as the Winter Olympics, Google Trivia, and a Silent DJ Night where everyone was dancing and singing together. The students were able to create long-lasting memories and step out of their comfort zone by trying new things. 

On Friday morning we arrived at the school with sleepy eyes and iced coffee drinks in our hands. We were all excited and looking forward to a fun weekend with our friends. The students were divided into three Hampton Jitney buses according to our room assignments. The mood among the buses varied, on one bus the students were sound asleep while on the other they watched Harry Potter movies. But on Mr. DeRosa’s bus, they had a dance party. They blasted music from a big speaker and sang along to their favorite songs. 

After a pitstop was made, an unfortunate and unforgettable event occurred. One of the buses got a flat tire as we were driving down a hill which forced us to get out quickly and fill up the empty seats on the other buses. During the unloading and reloading of the suitcases and students onto the other buses, we forgot one important detail. As the buses drove away we realized we had left Mrs.DiFrietus and Ms.Dietz on the side of the road. 

Ms.Dietz said, “Ms. DiFrietus and I got left on the side of the road after our tire shredded and the bus was loaded onto two other buses. Thank God for the HB van that squeezed us in. Definitely a moment we won’t forget.” 

When we finally pulled into the entrance of the resort, we were all very excited to see our rooms and head to the activities. Our first activity was go-karts. My friends and I raced, and we also watched the teachers compete against each other. We yelled and cheered from the sidelines for Mrs.DiFrietus, Mr. Ferraro, and Mr. Verdone. 

Senior Aliyah Cukaj said, “My favorite event was probably the go-karts because it was so much fun to drive around and to try and beat your friends.” 

After a long day of traveling and racing, we ate a delicious dinner where they served nachos, pasta with grilled chicken, salads, and even stuffed peppers. What I liked most about the menu was that it had something for everyone, the options ranged from vegetarian meals to pizza and french fries. 

Senior Samantha Coulton said, “My favorite dinner was the stuffed pepper. I also really liked our waitress, she was really kind and attentive. The french fries and the bread were really good. I liked how they brought out all the side dishes for the table so everyone could share.” 

On Friday night the seniors experienced something they had never before. We were able to have a Silent DJ Night where we were given headphones to listen to music, there were three colors you could switch to, which signified a different song. Everyone on the trip danced and sang along to “Single Ladies”, “I Like It”, and “Starships”. We formed dance circles and cheered along as the students and teachers danced. It was truly a night filled with laughter, joy, and unforgettable memories. 

On Saturday, the big event all the students and teachers participated in was the Winter Olympics, where we competed in teams against other families. There were events such as the bobsled race, finding matching pairs of mittens, and a Skee-Ball contest in the snow. Cukaj said, “My favorite event in the Winter Olympics was the bobsled race because it was funny watching everyone slip and slide while running.” 

It was also entertaining to see the teachers outside of the classroom and enjoying themselves. It allowed the students to have even more fun and feel comfortable around their teachers. 

On Saturday and Sunday, we continued to participate in multiple activities. We entered a Winter Baking/Decorating competition, where they gave us a tray with cupcakes, cookies, icing, marshmallows, and graham crackers. We had to create a snowman, a hot cocoa cup, and ice skates. This was my favorite event because I was able to express my creativity and enjoy decorating with my friends. The students also did rock climbing, ice skating, and played basketball and ice hockey. Students and teachers teamed up to compete in Google Trivia and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader Trivia; in both competitions they took home a gold medal.

At night after everyone would finish their dinner, groups of students would gather around a fire where you were able to roast marshmallows. Many pictures were taken around the fire where you could see friend groups smiling widely, enjoying each other’s company, and treasuring these special moments. 

Overall the senior trip was a great experience that allowed the students to learn more about each other and spend time with people they may have never had the chance to before. 

Ms. Dietz said, “I think it is important to have a senior trip because it is a great bonding experience between students and chaperones, people get to be friends with kids they didn’t know were in their grade. You also get to see your teachers in a different light, like real humans, not just teaching in front of a room.” 

The trip was a great way to destress and feel rewarded for all the hard work the seniors have done throughout their high school careers. It was one of the last opportunities to spend time with our close friends and classmates before heading off to college, and it was truly a wonderful experience.