Hampton Bays Internship and Cooperative Education Program Offers New Opportunities to Students


Tom Little

Santi Salizar, Senior, at Wolffer Estate Vinyard for the HBHS Internships and Cooperative Education Program

Alexandra Fennelly, Editor-in-Chief

Hampton Bays High School strives to provide the best opportunities for its students. For seniors who are going to face the real world in the upcoming months, it is especially important to get real life experiences with jobs that could potentially dictate what they are going to do in the future. One program Hampton Bays High School offers is the Internship and Cooperative Education Program. As of right now, this program is offered to just seniors, but Mr. Little, our School Guidance Counselor who runs this, has the goal of expanding the program to juniors. Last year was Mr. Little’s first year running the program. He hopes to expand the program and to get the word out to many students who aren’t even aware of this amazing opportunity that is right at their fingertips. 

As a high school senior, it is stressful trying to make a decision about what you want to do with your whole life at the age of seventeen. This program helps students to get involved with local companies that align with their potential career choice. Students receive high school credits through the program, meaning they have classes taken off of their schedule which is enticing for seniors who want to leave during privileges. This program essentially gives students that next step for figuring out their life all while at a young age, providing an advantage most teens don’t have. For those of you planning to apply to colleges or who will need a resume, this is a great activity to add for work experience. It is an opportunity you will not want to give up your senior year. You get to “Participate in career exploration in real settings through an internship or cooperative education program,” according to the school catalog. Also, there is a potential to earn a salary from the programs you are placed in. 

Each spring, our school does an annual job fair where local companies come to show students different opportunities offered, and this year some of those will be included in the Internship and Cooperative Education Program. This program should be looked at as a “test drive for your career,” said Mr. Little. 

Finding your career pathway can be a very stressful and difficult process for those leaving high school, so be sure to get informed on the opportunities our school offers to guide you through them. Meetings are always available with your guidance counselors for any questions or concerns with this program or the many others they offer.